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I'm the guy that is way too passionate for his own good but will use that to solve problems of the next generation.


Director of Marketing
at mindSpark Learning

Leading all marketing efforts with one goal in mind: By 2020, mindSpark Learning will be recognized by 80% of teachers in US.


people I've worked with.


2x Entrepreneur

Location Based Mobile Apps

Joel K Entertainment
Light and Music For Weddings

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Knight Foundation Fellow

Selected by the Knight Foundation to create 5 impact projects in Boulder.

Joel literally engineers results.
— Dennis Marinello, Senior Strategic Advisor at Edivate

Keynote Speaker

Spoke to 150+ Superintendents and Principals at the Summer Leadership Institute in Connecticut


some more people I've worked with.

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Venture For America Fellow

Selected from 1,500+ applicants in a 4 round interview and trained by companies like McKinsey, IDEO and Khan Academy.


Fun Facts about Joel

Born in Venezuela. Deadlifted 540 lbs in college. Improv comedian.